Meet Pamela...


Meet Pamela. A 30 something single woman in the city, who  

longs for the simple things in life: connection, the spirit of  

community, of family. Of being unconditionally loved.  

All of these values have been instilled in her since childhood  

from the single most important influence of her life—The  

1970’s NBC classic, Little House on the Prairie.

But, is Pamela’s getting more out of this show then she is  

out of her real life?


More than an obsession.

It's more than an obsession. It's a way of life. But Little House on the Prairie is getting in Pamela's way.

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Trailer 3

with Alison Arngrim


"Nellie Olson" from TV's

 Little House on the Prairie

Starring Pamela Bob

Pamela Bob

with Charlotte Stewart


'Miss Beadle" from TV's 

Little House on the Prairie

It's more than an obsession. it's a way of life.

Tribeca TV Festival

Tribeca TV Festival

Official Selection 2018


Paris Lift-Off Film Festival

Official Selection Lift-Off Global Network 2018


Los Angeles International Film Festival

Winner - Best TV Series 2017 


The IndieFest Film Awards

Award of Excellence 


Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards

2018 Semi-Finalist, Best Actress, Pamela Bob


Hollyweb Festival

2018 Official selection


Best Shorts Competition

Winner - Award of Excellence 2018

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